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Floor Painting in Chennai

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V3 Colour Solutions is the Best Epoxy Floor Painters in Chennai. We provide complete solution of Flooring and Coating for industrial areas, buildings, house, warehouses, hospitals, etc. The team of v3 colour solutions have well experienced to give high-quality Epoxy Floor Paint and completes the project on time and budget.

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Floor Painting & Floor Coating

Epoxy Floor Painting

Floors are generally something to which we don't give careful consideration except if something isn't right with them, but then they are a primary piece of workday profitability and wellbeing. You might need to think about an elective Painting/flooring alternative for your office and its potential effect. Two choices in epoxy are painting and flooring.

Epoxy Painting

Normally, Floor paints is a latex acrylic item that may have a little measure of epoxy in the blend. These items may have preferred bond and sturdiness over standard acrylic paint, however, they ought not to be mistaken for floor painting.

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Epoxy Floor Coatings

Epoxy coatings are two segment materials comprising of sap and a polyamine hardener. Before applying flooring, the two sections must combine. Dissimilar to paint, flooring fix as opposed to dry. They are additionally impervious to recolouring and are chemical and scraped area safe.

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Top 9

Benefits of Epoxy floor painting


Once the epoxy has been changed over to a strong polymer, it turns out to be unbelievably solid and anticipates breakdowns

Low maintenance

When the concrete has the covering, it is not any more permeable since fixed and is hence simpler to clean.

Saves time

Epoxy flooring usually is rapidly and effectively introduced, which implies less time closing down generation for an establishment.


Commonly, a polished alternative for coatings could be given, which enhances lighting in your office to a critical degree because of reflection.


Concrete floors covered in epoxy last more and oppose extended wear, consequently sparing you cash and enabling you to oversee different business concerns.

Chemically resistant

Epoxy can survive proceeded with the presentation to powerful synthetic substances, which is ideal for stockrooms or plants that might be presented to such materials


These covering are additionally impervious to slippage, temperature, injurious effect and even terminate, keeping up both the security of your workers and your building.

Eco Firendly

Epoxy are a green choice for your business in light of the decrease in material utilisation. It is an incredible option in contrast to including a new floor or supplanting vehicles because of harm.


Coatings are generally accessible in a variety of hues and examples to accommodate your particular style.

Once the epoxy has been converted to a solid polymer, it becomes incredibly strong and prevents chemical breakdown.

Concrete floors coated in epoxy last longer and resist considerable wear, thus saving you money and allowing you to manage other business concerns.

Epoxy flooring is usually quickly and easily installed, which means less time shutting down production for installation.

Once concrete has the epoxy covering, it is no longer porous since sealed and is therefore easier to clean.

Coatings are usually available in an array of colors and patterns to fit your specific style.

Epoxy can survive continued exposure to potent chemicals, which is perfect for warehouses or plants that may be exposed to such materials.

These epoxy coverings are also resistant to slippage, temperature, extreme impact and even fire, maintaining both the safety of your employees and your building.

Typically, a high gloss option for coatings can be provided, which improves lighting in your facility to a significant degree due to reflection.

Epoxy coatings are a green option for your business because of the reduction in material usage. It is a great alternative to adding on a completely new floor or replacing vehicles due to damage.

Right Choice for Epoxy
Floor Painting in Chennai


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